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No, I did not forget the “s” in the title of this entry.

“2001: A Space Odyssey” was playing at the Redford Theater in Detroit this weekend. The uncut, 70 mm version. My husband’s birthday is coming up. He likes science fiction. So, I took him to see this classic movie, which happened to have been released the year my husband was born.

My husband has seen the film before (though, he says, not this version) and read the book. I have never seen the film or read the book. Except for recognizing the name and knowing the proverbial line “Open the pod bay doors HAL,” I didn’t know a thing about this film. Didn’t know the plot line. Nothing.

Now, I’m not a fan of science fiction. But, I’m glad I had the experience of seeing this film on the big screen. The uncut 70 mm version (took 10 reels!). This is one of those films that needs to be seen in a theater. Seeing it on DVD would not be the same experience, even if one has surround sound and a large screen TV. It just wouldn’t be the same.

My husband said that the sound was too loud. But, honestly, I think it was intended that way. It’s a way to immerse one in the movie. Take the scene where the scientists want to take a picture with the monolith in the background. And it lets out a loud shriek that hurts the ears of the scientists. Well, we in the audience knew exactly how those scientists felt!

This is a movie that was meant to be experienced, the sights and the sounds. This is not a movie that one should merely watch. I actually don’t think that one can merely watch.

In the end, I would recommend seeing this movie even if you don’t like science fiction. The movie will leave you with many questions regardless of whether you’re familiar with the plot line or not. And, even if you don’t like the film, my guess would be that you will be happy that you had the experience of seeing this on the big screen.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, stepfathers, and spiritual fathers. May this day be just one of many days those that rely on you for guidance, wisdom and love show you the appreciation you deserve! Have a wonderful day!

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On this hot summer day, my husband and I decided to explore a park we’ve never been to before, even though this park is fairly close by. We’ve been to Kensington Metropark many times and never thought to venture on the other side of the freeway before… until today. So, armed with our new state park pass, camera, and water, off we went on our little adventure. Come join us if you’d like. Just visit the Island Lake Recreation Area link on my travelogue page.

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Recently I was talking to a neighbor who complained that everytime the weekend rolls around it rains. And because of that, she can’t get around to cutting her grass. Then she said laughingly: “In a way, if it’s raining I could still cut. I’d get wet. But I could always dry off later.”

Why this stuck with me, I don’t know. But later that evening, when things were quiet, I thought about the conversation and suddenly the following phrase popped into my mind: “walk between the raindrops and you won’t get wet.” My father used to say this phrase, or some derivation of it, when I would complain about it being rainy and not wanting to go out and do whatever it is that I wanted to do because I’d get wet. I’m sure he thought it was funny. And it is a silly thing to say.

But, then I got to thinking. This silly phrase can be philosophical. Raindrops standing in for the obstacles we all face in life. Walking between the raindrops is a way of saying that however difficult, we should persevere to get around those obstacles. If we let the raindrops drench us (if we let the obstacles weigh us down), then we may get discouraged and give up and never reach our goals.

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Island Park PathwayFrom May 22 to May 28, my husband and I visited some of my relatives living on Grand Lake in Presque Isle, Michigan. Come join us on our adventure! Check out my new 2010 travelogue entry “Presque Isle, MI”.

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