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For those who don’t know, my husband and I are looking for a house closer to where he works. On our house search we’ve walked through 10 houses, drove by quite a few others, and looked at dozens of pictures online. One of the houses we saw this weekend, I rejected when looking at pictures online, but thought we should go see it after it popped up in a listing search our realtor sent us. After all, it’s in the same neighborhood as another house that I was quite interested in. Well, after the walk-through, turns out it was the house that I rejected initially that impressed me. It’s now on our “interested” list and the previous house that I was interested in… it ended up on our “rejected” list.

I had a similar experience with shopping for a wedding dress some years back. The wedding dress that I ended up wearing at my wedding was a dress that I initially rejected when looking at pictures in a catalog. But when I tried it on in the store (thanks to my matron of honor’s suggestion), I realized that it was “the one”. Now, we still haven’t decided if the one house now on our “interested” house list is “the one,” but this whole experience leads me to the following observation:

Looking for a house is alot like looking for a wedding dress. Until you try one on (or in the case of a house, walk through it…which is in a way “trying it on…”) you don’t really know which one is has the right “fit”. So, it’s best to have an open mind when approaching such an experience.

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Wishing all my readers in the United States a Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate the freedoms we have in this country let’s not forget all those who made this day possible. And, let’s not forget all those currently serving in the military who wish nothing more than to be home with their families!

Thank you for your brave sacrifices!

Let’s also not forget all those innocents who perish because of wars. May God bring their families peace and healing. And, may we all throughout the world do our part to bring peace and love into this world. Amen.

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