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Help a Scout

This has been a busy summer here in the Simkin household. Weekdays, my work has kept me busy, as it always does in the summertime. Weekends, our house hunt has kept my husband and I busy. Sooner than I ever expected, we found a home that suits us. Closing was last week. Now, for the next few weeks, our after-work hours will be taken up with packing and getting our current house in shape to sell and our weekends will be taken up with fixing up our new home.

When one moves, it’s a good time to get rid of things no longer usable, things no longer useful, and things no longer used. Around here, this describes my desktop computer (circa 2001). Last year I bought a new laptop and since it’s faster and has much more storage than my desktop computer, my desktop computer has been more or less gathering dust for months. Not wanting to take it to our new house I decided, since it’s still in good usable shape (great for word processing, e-mail, even watching YouTube videos and Netflix movies) I would donate it to Goodwill. So, I began the slow process of going through my multitude of files deciding what to keep and what to delete. Eventually I moved the “Keep” folder to my laptop where I then went through and organized some more, and deleted some more. This was a slow process, but no worries since we weren’t moving until October anyway. Then I saw an article advertising a “Used Computer Drive”:

“Troop 104 will be hosting a computer drive on Saturday, September 11th to help Scout Jake Michels complete his Eagle project. We are collecting all unwanted consumer electronics including printers, TVs, VCRs, and anything else that is electronic. All donations are going to the “We Are Here Foundation”. This foundation refurbishes the computers, and then redistributes them into needy Detroit-area schools.”

The article goes on to say that the collection will take place in the parking lot of St. William Parish, Common Street, Walled Lake, Michigan from 3-7 pm.

Scouting and education are both worthy causes, so my deadline for prepping my computer for donation got moved up considerably. Finishing the prepping this weekend, my computer sits here waiting for Saturday when it will be on its way to a new life being of use once more.

I urge all of my readers in the Walled Lake area who have used computers (or electronics) that are no longer useful to them to donate them to this worthy cause.

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