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Finding Meaning

Recently I came across an opinion piece that I clipped from the local newspaper in Socorro, New Mexico back in 2010 when I was visiting my in-laws. I intended to write a blog post about it, but in the hub-bub of the holidays and travel I laid it aside and forgot about it until I uncovered it this week while attempting to declutter my desk.

Tom Kozeny, commenting on the then-recent 2010 mid-term election, starts out this opinion piece thus: “These days thinking men and women everywhere seem to be scratching their heads. Events around us are calling out for meaning. …What was the meaning of the recent mid-term elections?” Perhaps some of you, my readers, are thinking the same thing about this most-recent Presidential election?

From there on Mr. Kozeny waxes philosophical and doesn’t much allude to the election ever again in the opinion piece. Here are a couple of short, thought-provoking quotes I wish to share with you:

Hannah Arendt said in “The Life of the Mind,” that truth and meaning are two very different things, and that the use of reason is not just to discover the truth but meaning. In the end, we’re after the meaning of life — your life, my life, life itself.

What we need, to unpack the meaning of our world, is a vision poetic — artfully, dangerously, beautifully poetic. It alone can fathom the love in our world and the life that we live every day. …Science and prose and the technical march of the modern machine can join in. The meaning of it all only art will divine.

Source of the quotes: Kozeny, Tom, “Finding the Meaning of It All,” El Defensor Chieftain, December 22, 2010, p. 4.

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