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In today’s installment of the Sierra Club blog “The Green Life,” the author mentions a Bike-ku contest hosted by the Sierra Club in honor of May being National Bike Month. Entrants are supposed to post an original haiku about their bicycle and a photo to the Bike Group on the Climate Crossroads website. The winner will get a brand new bicycle.

May may be National Bike Month, but considering how cold and rainy it’s been in this part of Michigan, I doubt that I’ll be taking my bicycle out for a ride any time soon. But, in the spirit of the Bike-ku contest, I thought I’d post this here:

Blue bike, pedal slow.
See the beauty of nature
on my way back home.

Admittedly, this doesn’t rank up there with Patioboater’s Beagle Haiku. Then again, I should let my readers be the judge of that…

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