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Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge December 26, 2017
I finally finished my travelogue entry for the trip my husband and I took over the Christmas holiday last year. Click the picture above or go to the Travelogue page on this site. Enjoy!

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Socorro, NM 2012

For those of you who look forward to my travelogue pages, I’ve posted yet another one. This time from our trip to Socorro over the Christmas holiday. Either click the 2012 Socorro, NM link on my Travelogue page above or click here.

Wishing all my readers and their families a happy, healthy, blessed New Year!

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Hello again!

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. We moved into a new house back in October, but we’re still trying to get the house in order. Trying to find logical places for things. Currently, very few things are in logical places, but I’m hoping that we can sort most of the things out at least by the end of Spring. In December my husband and I took a break from all of that and went to visit his parents in New Mexico for Christmas. As usual, I compiled a travelogue entry to document our trip. I know some of you are fans of my travelogue entries, so without further ado, click here and enjoy!

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